Tales of Slussen (2012)

”Tales of Slussen” is a 58 minutes documentary for TV and film festivals. Photo, director and producer Johan Palmgren.

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Slussen is a lock interfoiled with a complicated net of roads in the town center of Stockholm. When it was built in 1935 it was a land mark for the New Sweden that was about to evolve. Now it is dirty, run down, hated but also loved and by many thought to be worth restoring. This is the place for the story about the people who live their lives around Slussen: The Brittish architects of Fosters that sit in the middle of the lock planning to build a completely new Slussen while the demonstrations are going on outside their door. The lock keeper Nina who has a heart for everyone. The bartender Jacob who thinks about what happened to the Swedish society that used to be a role model in the world, looking down at Slussen from the luxury restaurant Gondolen. And under a bridge by the lock the Swedish homeless friends Pekka and Mats share their everyday life with Polish Tomaz and Anja
who drink too much vodka.

Clip from the movie

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