The Slussen misery (2020)

Jakob Kroner i Gondolen, liggande. Foto Klara FuregårdPhoto: Klara Furegård

Slussen – a lock that is turned into a construction area for many years in the middle of Stockholm. For some reason it always affects and provoces. 2020 a Golden bridge arrives and at the same time the corona stikes the area and nothing will be the same. Once again the filmer Johan Palmgren returns to Slussen to portrait big and small crises. from this very special year.


Director: Johan Palmgren
DOPs: Jonas Rudström och Johan Palmgren
Sound: Lisa Gustafsson, Sofia Ittner
Editor: Julian Antell
Track layer: Ola Eliasson
Graphics: Maria Kask
Grade: Johan Wiman
Log: Manne Mossige-Norheim och Juan José de Viciola
Translater and sub titles: Cecilia Händelek
Archive: SVT, SR, TV4
Economi: Mats Lagström
Producer: Johan Palmgren
Project leader: SVT/Ina Holmqvist och Helena Ingelsten


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