Johan Palmgren

Photographer, director, producer


Dear visitor of my home page. Most welcome. Here you can have a look at my work with documentary films and still photos. If you get curious enough about a film or my photo book you can easily buy them by clicking on Contact.

Maybe you have a fantastic story that ought to be told. Send me a mail and we can see what happens.


Since I managed to burn down (by mistake) my work-shop for manufacturing furniture in 1990, I started making 16 mm films with the insurance money. Since then I have spent almost all my time producing films in one way or another. I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to do what I like the most.

Photo Albums

Early in my life I got stuck in the dark room, completely losing track of time. Since then I always take a lot of stills. Here I present a couple of albums. One shows photos from my time as photographer for a music magazine about black music. One album shows portraits taken in connection with my work as a camera-man for TV. The third album is from my time as a still photographer for the magazine Rocky.

Ammarnäs Film Festival

The festival has run successfully for four years and the fifth festival 2017 is being planned right now.