The Traffic Separating Device (2018)

Stillbild knuffar bil Spårviddshinder
In order to rectify the poor bus accessibility at Slussen station, the city council, as per the municipal board’s recommendation, erects so-called ‘bus traps’ on the street. The ensuing chaos gives rise to a tragi-comic societal satire no one saw coming. – Annie Karlsson
Director and DoP: Johan Palmgren
Sound: Lisa Gustafsson
Editor: Julian Antell
Music: Niko Röhlcke
Sound mix: Istvan Stenberg
Graphics: Maria Kask
Additional photo: Lisa Gustafsson, Juan José de Viciola and Sebastian Lejon
Producer: Johan Palmgren
Produced by Vindelfilm in collaboration with Swedish Television/Helena Ingelsten
Niko Röhlcke

“Un Homme Et Une Femme”
Ferrante & Teicher, United Artists/ Leeds music

“Love is there”
Benny Goodman, United Artists/ Leeds music

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300 MIDFF DOKer Official Selection 2018


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– Best Documentary Short Film, Falcon International Film Festival, London October 2018

– Leeds International Film Fest, 1-15/11 2018

– DOC NYC, 8-15/11 2018

– Asiana International Short Film Festival, 1-6/11 2018

– Dehli Shorts, 28/10 2018

– Valladolid International Film Festival, 26/10 2018

– Short Riga, 24-27/10 2018

– New Swedish Docs, Switzerland 11/9 2018

– Live at heart, Örebro 2-8/9 2018

– Ammarnäs Filmfestival, 4-7/7 2018

– Hot Docs, 1/5 2018

– Film Fest Sundsvall, 12/4 2018

– Tempo International Film Festival, 10/3 2018

– Göteborg international Film Festival, 27/1 2018

– The film was broadcasted on Swedish Television during the spring 2018.

– The film has been accepted at Moscow Film Festival and Aspen Film Festival.





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The Traffic separating device_The German family_Photo Johan Palmgren

The Traffic separating device_Mr George and the police_Photo Johan Palmgren

The Traffic separating device_The English gentlemen_Photo Johan Palmgren

The Traffic separating device_Help ing to push_Photo Johan Palmgren

The Traffic separating device_Helping out_Photo Johan Palmgren

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