Hockey and high heels (2018)


Hockey och höga klackar_Fotograf_Johan Palmgren Mikke will be Micaela. Mikke has worked in the mine, has three children and has been living in secret in her entire life. One day, she decides to be completely true to herself and to live completely without denials and reveals the secret. She moves to Norrköping and it will be the start of a whirlwind life where the family will be introduced to Micaela. Dear trips to Skellefteå and Bohuslän will be combined with salsa dance in Havana and passions for the favorite team Skellefteå AIK.

The documentary film has been made with support from Norrköpings Filmfond by Johan Palmgren, Vindelfilm and film director Lina Steen from Norrköping. Later in April 2018, the film gets its SVT premier.



“Jag var ytterst tveksam i början”
Norrköpings Tidningar 2018-04-19


Inspelning av Hockey och höga klackar med Lisa Gustafsson, Johan Palmgren, Lina Steen och Mikke




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