Dear visitor of my home page. Most welcome. Here you can have a look at my work with documentary films and still photos. If you get curious enough about a film or my photo book you can easily buy them by clicking on Contact.

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In 1992 I went on a trip to Zambia with Evert and Bertil Gustafsson, two bearded brothers from the deep forrests of Småland, Sweden. They had never been on a trip that far away from their dear mother Dagny before and were pretty frightened. The brothers had been involved in exporting wood-working machines to Zambia and now the machines needed service.

I had a lot of experience of still photography and dark room work, but none of filming. However, after an inspiring lecture in my home town Lund by Sir David Attenborough, where he advised everyone that wanted to film to start filming without any notice, I bought my dear Arriflex BL (flat motor with built-in chrystal), my Nagra IV and my wooden tripod. Off we went. Amasingly enough the shooting was successful. When developing the films everything looked ok and the film won several prizes at international film festivals. Since then I have spent almost all my time producing films in one way or another. I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to do what I like the most.

Photo Albums

Early in my life I got stuck in the dark room, completely losing track of time. Since then I always take a lot of stills. Here I present a couple of albums. One shows photos from my time as photographer for a music magazine about black music. One album shows portraits taken in connection with my work as a camera-man for TV. The third album is from my time as a still photographer for the magazine Rocky.

Ammarnäs Film Festival

The festival started in 2013 and ran successfully for seven years but then came Covid-19 and the festival was put on hold.