The Straw Goat (2017)

Christmas 2016 the straw goat in Gävle will turn 50 years old. The town is planning
a big party and the goat-building-team is struggling with making the goat looking extra good this year. The big question is whether it will burn down, as many times before, or not. At the same time the world is laughing at the phenomenon.

The anniversary doesn’t go exactly as planned and suddenly the goat’s little brother is pulled into the celebration.

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Teamet som klipper filmen om bocken

Martina Carlstedt, Emanuel Hendal, Lisa Gustafsson, Johan Palmgren på väg till invigning av bocken

Inytervju med Marmordrottningen till filmen om bocken

Hemma hos bockbyggaren Johan efter invigning av bocken

Get together med amerikanska bocken-fansen John och Aileen

Dagen efter invigningen


Bocken brinner på invigningsdagen



Gävlebocken Poster A3 (PDF)
The Straw Goat Poster A3 (PDF)

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