Tales of Slussen – the hidden city (2015)

Four years ago, the proposal of the rebuild of the Slussen area in Stockholm, was approved. Builders are ready, machines are rolled forward and construction starts. Then, contrary to everyone’s expectations, archaeological findings surprise them all.

På svenska
På Svenska


Archaeologists occupy the area. The findings are sensational and the whole Stockholm’s history must be rewritten with the help of a retired town curator and an almost 90-year-old pipe expert. At the same time life in the lock rolls on and we follow Pekka’s and Mattes friendship put to the test, protesters against the new Slussen and how Kolingsborg turned into an art project, all accompanied by masterful buskers.


A film by Johan Palmgren.

DOP: Johan Palmgren
Editing: Hanna Storby,
Music: Niko Röhlcke
Producer: Lisa Wahlbom and Johan Palmgren
Project leader SVT: Emelie Persson


Article in the paper ETC

Broadcasted on SVT2 and SVT Play Friday October 16 2015 at 8 PM
SVT2 Wednesday October 21 2015 at 23.15 PM


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