The Road to madness (2015)

Kent. Musician, poet and survivor. But above all, human. Follow his journey singing his way out of homelessness and abuse – through music, relapse, forgotten graves and new friendships.

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Kent Sidwall 5. Foto Johan Palmgren
Late in life Kent finds himself in a place where he finally feels at home. On 5 Medis in Stockholm, he meets for the first time the intimate friends he has been missing through life. With his dark voice and passion for jazz, he begins to slowly take in the life that embraces him. Along the way murky memories that hurt becomes clearer. “I lived as if each day were the last. Thought; Now I’ll just get drunk and wait for death. But I have got back my ambitions again. ”

Swedish documentary from 2015 by Åsa Blanck and Johan Palmgren. Photo: Johan Palmgren.

Photo: Johan Palmgren
Cut: Petter Brundell
Music: Niko Röhlcke
Producer: Åsa Blanck
Project leader: SVT Charlotte Hellström


Can be viewed in Swedish on SVT Play until March 1 2016.


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