Kvarterdoktorn (2010)

“Kvartersdoktorn” is a series of seven half hours for SVT 1.
Photo and co-director Johan Palmgren. Producer and co-director Åsa Blanck.

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A man seeks care for a facial paralysis that he has suffered from for three days. What is the cause? Is it a tick bite? A little girl has swallowed a magnet. Where is it now? In seven episodes, together with “The block doctors” Magnus Eriksson and Lotta Brohult, we deal with sleeping problems and sore feet from wearing too high heels in the urban life. They live close to their patients at the clinic at Södermalm in Stockholm and in the neighborhoods around Mary’s Church where Magnus himself grew up. He knows almost everyone who lives there.


Eric Forsgrens dokumentärpris.

Clip from the series

Clip from the series is coming soon.

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